Fusion Studios helps organizations develop innovative e-business and e-commerce strategies and solutions. We offer a comprehensive consultancy service designed to give our clients knowledge and access to all the web can offer. From setting up your first site to integrating e-commerce with your backoffice systems; we can give you the assistance to make every project a success.

You may want to completely revamp your existing website or you may have questions about the internet and new technologies but can't find the answers - let us be your guide. With our collaborative approach and insider knowledge we can help you to focus on the most relevant information, helping you to make the right decisions quickly and with confidence.

Corporate Internet Strategy - If you require a complete Internet game plan to suit the business model of your company, we can help. Our staff can advise on cost effective solutions to enable a quick return on investment for your business.

Internet/Intranet Design Strategy - Design is an important element for your Internet / Intranet based systems. Fusion Studios employs experienced graphic designers that can assist you in making the right decisions.

Intranet / E-business Strategy - Every organisation will eventually have its business connected to the Internet. The plan of an organisation to achieve such connectivity and the plan of having all internal applications in a web enabled format comes out from the e-business strategy. This strategy minimises the time consumed for internal processes, maximises productivity of human beings, enhances satisfaction of customers and increases the overall profitability.

E-commerce Strategy - E-commerce transaction is the logical advancement of all web-enabled businesses.

It is essential to study the off-line business model and logically link the processes to a web front end. Thus, there has to be a seamless link between the online business and the off-line processes which will happen with the development of an e-commerce strategy. In this way your e-commerce strategy will define all the aspects of your business like sales, purchase, finance and inventory management.

Internet Marketing Plan - Every business needs marketing. Any good service or product offering can never realise its true potential without the backing of both online and offline marketing support. Internet marketing, unlike the traditional media, involves a lot of uncertainties and lots of technology; thus it becomes necessary for businesses to approach Internet marketing professionals, whose key function is to develop strategies to suit their customer's needs.

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