Additional Services

At Fusion Studios, although our core business lies in our online systems we realise that this integrates with many aspects of the IT solutions within your business. We are therefore able to offer both services and support in the following areas :-

  • Hardware Support
  • Software Telephone and Remote Support
  • LAN / WAN Design and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Company Image Design
  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Independent IT Consultancy
  • Network Security
  • Telecommunications including Voice, Data, Broadband and Lease Lines
  • Voice Telecom for Local, National and International at highly competitive rates

We believe that with the above services we can offer your company either a specialised service for the item you require by studying your company's overall IT and business structure and producing / supporting your online solution effectively.

In conjunction with one of our business partners we are able to offer the following communication services :-

  • Voice Local, National and International calling rates
  • Internet Dialup, ISDN, Broadband & Lease Line Access
  • Secure end to end IP VPN & Global Access

For further information on the above and a free cost comparison to your current services, please contact us
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