Database Solutions

In the most basic of terms a database is a collection of data stored in a format that allows it to be easily searched, retrieved, edited or deleted.

The services provided by Fusion Studios are extensive; ranging from the development of a single user database to creation and maintenance of highly complex e-commerce and data-warehousing systems capable of supporting hundreds of concurrent users. Specific examples of the database / database management services we offer are:

  • Design of database applications;
  • Data capture;
  • Data cleaning;
  • E-mail shots;
  • Database platform porting;
  • Systems integration;
  • Database support and maintenance.

The team at Fusion Studios has many years of experience working with relational database systems from many different companies. Our knowledge and experience as developers of reporting and analysis tools enables the creation of intuitive and unique systems tailor made for your end users.

In order to provide the best solution to suit your needs, we are able to design and support databases using the following technologies:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Lotus Domino

We are also able to port / upgrade from many other database technologies not listed here such as Microsoft Access and DBase. If you would like to discuss what Fusion Studios can do for you, please contact us.
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